Beetween Greek language and Greek sea, there is an island.Kalymnos!


Holidays and courses of modern Greek, Italian, Serbian, English on the island of Kalymnos!


The island of Kalymnos is situated in the southern part of Aegean Sea, near the island Kos with the population of about 17 thousand inhabitants. This island is a heaven not only for the divers but also for hikers with the long tradition of digging out sponges from the Mediterranean Sea. Recently, this island has been responsible for spreading Greek language and Greek culture all around the world.


Some people call it smart holidays, and some alternative holidays. If you dont speak Greek, Italian, Serbian, English or would like to improve your language skills, when you return you ll be able to  to call it by its Greek (Italian, Serbian or English) name!!!



Crystal, clear and blue sea, rocky mountains, charming olive trees and sunny, friendly and hospitable people, untouched colors and smells, tradition and different alternative activities (climbing, diving, trekking). A lot of small, hidden treasures to be discovered on Kalymnos!




For the people who dont treat tourism as a postcard but as a journey to self-knowledge, we present Calypso Project, as a consequence of cooperation between PRISMA (Centre of Italian Language) and Leonardo Da Vinci (Centre of foreign languages in Belgrade). Courses of modern Greek, Italian, Serbian and English (2h/day 12h/ week) including accommodation of 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks  offer the chance for the first but essential approach to local life and land.

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PRISMA - (Prof. Vaghelis Kassos)

Tel. - Fax: +30 22430 51326

e mail: prisma1@klm.forthnet.gr  vagheliskassos@gmail.com  

STUDIO LEONARDO DA VINCI - (:Prof. Zorica Mladenovic)

Tel. - Fax: +381 11 2693197


URL: www.stleonardo.co.yu  e mail: s.leonardo@verat.net 



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