Accommodation in the Oceanis apartments, situated in Platy Gialos, 6 km from the port of Pothia. The special prices in the nearby restaurant and possibility of using swimming pool, as the part of the restaurant complex, are provided for all participants of the Calypso Project, as well as the special discounts for renting scooters.

Meals - Prices


Lunch or Dinner

8 €

Breakfast + Lunch or Dinner

12 €


Breakfast: Continental or American

Lunch / Dinner: Cover – Starter – Salad – Main Course – Fruit - Water








Price of double bed apartment



Tuition fee-Hours of lessons


Total price per person in double bed apartment

Total price per person sharing double bed apartment

1 week

28 €

120 €

(12h x 10 €)

316 €

218 €

2 weeks

28 €

192 €

(24h x 8 €)

584 €

388 €

3 weeks

25 €

252 €

(36h x 7 €)

777 €

514 €

4 weeks

25 €

288 €

(48h x 6 €)

988 €

638 €

10 days

28 €

160 €

(20h x 8 €)

440 €

300 €

 The prices refer to summer period, if you want information about  the other periods, please don't hesitate to contact us


The conditions for registration at the Calypso Project are the following:

-         All participants have to be of age of 18, otherwise they have to be accompanied by one adult person

-         the registration form should be filled in  properly and sent by fax, e-mail or online registration

-         registration fee,1/3 of the total amount for chosen programme, should be paid in advanced





Application and confirmation


The application is possible in written form; it must be filled in and sent by fax or e-mail. Applying is possible by contacting us, in person, via telephone or our website. The confirmation on your application will be sent to you in the next 3 days from the date of receiving your application. If the language learning program you have chosen is already made full, you will be informed immediately, and one of the alternative programs will be suggested. It is advisable to apply for the chosen program, at least one month in advance, before your coming.


 Terms of payment


After receiving confirmation on application, an advanced payment of one third (1/3) of total balance must be deposited, via postal, bank money order or PayPal. After receiving the deposit, the payment confirmation will be forwarded to you. The balance will be made directly in the school, 2 days after your arrival, at most.




If you cancel participation in the program, it is necessary to inform, in writing, about the reasons of giving up the program. If you cancel more than 30 days before your arrival, the whole amount paid will be returned to you. If you cancel in less than 30 days, the expenses of canceling will be charged and deduced from the amount paid:

from 29 to 15 days before your arrival 20%

from 14 to  8 days before your arrival 40%

from   7 do   1 day before your arrival 80%

if you cancel on the day of program beginning, your money will not be returned.


Program canceling


In case of “force majeure”, the organizers keep the right of program canceling. In that case, the amount paid will be returned to you as a whole, with regard to the fact that the organizers have the right to keep certain amount as a compensation if the services are partially done.




The organizers do not take responsibility for possible loss of personal effects as well as in case of injuries and damages made from any reason to the program participants. The program participants are advised to get health and life insurance-policy for their personal safety. The organizers keep the right of canceling program for the participants who disturb program performance.  



How to get to Kalymnos


By airplane – There are daily direct flights by Olympic Airlines from Athens airport to Kalymnos or to the nearest airport in the island Kos. On arrival at Kos airport go to the Port of Mastihari and from there take the ferry, it takes 20-30' to get to Pothia, the capital of Kalymnos. Charter flights direct to Kos are available from many European citties.The other option is to take a charter flight to Rhodes and ftom there to take a ferry, hydrofoil or catamaran direct to Kalymnos.

By ferry boat – Travel direct to Kalimnos by ferry from Piraeus, the port of Athens, it takes about 10 - 12 hours. The journy from Mandraki port of Rhodes takes about 5 hours by ferry and about 2 1/2 hours by hydrofoil or catamaran.





Kos Airport weather  The WeatherPixie



Kalymnos - General map


Kalymnos - Climbing sectors


Kalymnos - Trekking map 




      Kalymnos - Useful numbers


Area Code

(+30) 22430

Tourist Informations

 22430 59056, 50879, 29310


 22430 22100, 29301

Port Police

 22430 24444, 29304

General Hospital

 22430 23025, 28851, 28455, 166

Taxi Service

 22430 50300

Fire Department

 22430 22222

OTE (Telephone Company)

 22430 29699, 29599








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